Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Silence of Naukuchiatal

Do people still use phrases like “pin drop silence”? I guess not, because atleast in the cities that kind of silence just doesn’t exist! Even if you are in the confinement of your own bedroom in your own house, you do not experience it because maybe some couch potato in close proximity is doing what he does best or somebody on the road even past midnight is too drunk to notice that there is no traffic on the road so he can probably give the horn a rest! Is noise the only answer to noise these days? If your answer is Yes, but you heart wishes it wasn’t so, let me recommend a visit to sheer Peace – The Lake Resort at Naukuchiatal.

It is a place where the only disturbing sounds can perhaps be made by you yourselves or the monkeys who ensure you wake up in time to step out of your cosy bed and your peaceful sleep to enjoy nature in its full early morning glory! If you have had problems in finding pool facing rooms or Sea facing rooms in some Hotels that you have visited, you would love this place as every room here is a Lake facing room. The deep lake ( so I was told in case I find it too tempting for taking swimming lessons ) is a great sight at any point of time during the day. The pedal boats are fun and provide a great way for some “heavyweights” to scale down to lighter categories… :-). But do not bank too much on that as the awesome food might just be the hindrance… :-)

When the evening falls, the lake might look a little familiar to the fans of the first of the “Friday the 13th “ series but I assure you there is no Jason in that lake, and his psycho knife wielding mom ain’t around either…:-) The peace and calm take over again, and the romantics can enjoy the reflection of the moon in the lake occasionally rippled by the floating insects; they can whisper sweet nothings to each other because for a change the whispers can actually be heard here. Normal people like yours truly, however, can just enjoy fun conversations with friends over Scotch on the rocks. Or, maybe play a little Pool, learn a little Snooker, create your own ping-pong (table tennis) song.

They say you cannot see the nine corners of this lake from any single point. Hmmmm, I guess then I will have to just do as the wise man said : “Till you don’t succeed, Try again!!” and make many more visits to The Lake Resort at Naukuchiatal… :-)

Rajeev Pathak, aka "ek-ton" is working as RSM with a media software company. Needless to say that he is a traveller by heart and a Salesman by profession :-)

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